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Week 12 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 16 Power Rankings

Luca and Ryan go ghetto (no headsets) as they team up to bring you Week 16 of the Sideline Spice Power Rankings.
Week 12 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 12 Power Rankings

After some crazy turbulence last week, this week's rankings have been a little more stable. Our top 10 is largely unchanged, with the Baltimore Ravens...
Week 11 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 11 Power Rankings

After relative stability in our power rankings over the last few weeks, we've had some big moves in this week's edition of the power...
Week 8 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 8 Power Rankings

With every passing week, there seems to be less and less movement in our power rankings. The Panthers have firmly established themselves in the upper...
Week 7 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 7 Power Rankings

This week, not much movement in the rankings, as we have a much better idea of which teams are for real, and which teams...

Sideline Spice Week 5 Power Rankings

With only 2 undefeated teams remaining and the large majority of the league sitting on either 2 or 3 wins, parity in the NFL...

Sideline Spice Week 4 Power Rankings

The Miami Dolphins were exactly who we thought they were, so with their coming back to earth, we are left with two undefeated teams...
Sideline Spice Week 3 Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 3 Power Rankings

Three weeks into the NFL season, and only three teams left undefeated. The Rams were expected to be a Superbowl contender even before the season...