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Week 12 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 12 Power Rankings

After some crazy turbulence last week, this week's rankings have been a little more stable. Our top 10 is largely unchanged, with the Baltimore Ravens...
Week 11 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 11 Power Rankings

After relative stability in our power rankings over the last few weeks, we've had some big moves in this week's edition of the power...
Week 9 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 9 Power Rankings

Then there were none. With the Saints defeat of the Rams, there are no undefeated teams left in the NFL. No more talks of the...
3 Good 3 Bad

3 Good 3 Bad – Week 7

Good Rushing at Last The Detroit Lions haven't been a good rushing team for a long time. It seems like every year they miss on a...
Week 6 Power Rankings

Sideline Spice Week 6 Power Rankings

This week has seen quite a bit of movement in the top half of the rankings. After 6 weeks, no longer are you subject...
3 Good 3 Bad

3 Good, 3 Bad – Week 5

Good Rookie Sensations For the first time in NFL history four first round pick Quarterbacks (starters) have all won! Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and...
Rosen Hurdle

WTF Vikings?

Sunday’s Vikings loss was the biggest upset in 23 years. According to oddsshark.com’s NFL database, there have been 42 matchups where a team was an...


James Arthur from SEN America's SEN NFL Podcast has put together a first round mock draft for 2016. Here are his #1 to #15...