Regan’s Corner – Goodbye AAF.

By Regan Scholes

Alliance of American Football

Goodbye AAF.

Wow what a championship game between the…oh yeah the season got taken away from us by Week 8. What a game the championship game would have been. What great things the players would have achieved. What could the AAF do better next season. Are all things that we wanted to say, we fell in love with this new spring league. It was football that wasn’t your sub par standard, this was real football with some parts better than the pro league. Each week you’d look forward to Garret Gilbert hooking up with Charles Johnson or seeing how many sacks is Karter Schult getting in a game.

I was very passionate about the AAF it became my inspiration to write sports articles and interview players like Frank Ginda. We heard the story for every player that wanted to get back to the NFL. Everyone wanted the best for each other. Every fan wasn’t just a fan of the team they were rooting for every week (Go Hotshots) but we were also a fan of the league and were rooting for it. We wanted it to stick around. It was getting support every week. Sure there were some slow games but those slow games were better than no games. The ones with the kicker duels where you say to yourself surely Elliot Fry or Younghoe Koo will get their first miss of the season here but continued to defy the odds and split the uprights. Split.

That’s a great segway, yes thank you Mr Tom Dundon for investing $70 million of your $250 million to ensure players got paid for their hard work. Thank you Mr Dundon for splitting up a successful league just to get your hands on some betting technology. Thank you Mr Dundon for screwing over players that were left stranded in cities they’ve never been to forced to pay for the hotel and their own way back home. Thank you Mr Dundon for pulling league insurance so players like Gionni Paul has to not only worry about getting back to his family with a broken arm but also look for a new job and pay medical bills. If you could say how the league ended and handled things made me angry well I’m just a young Australian who loves American football, I don’t think I am as angry as season ticket holders who are still yet to get their money back.

I don’t think I am as angry as the AAF staff who all got put out of a job. But I am sure not as angry as all these talented young men who just needed one shot to prove their worth, who were very close to making their way back to basically get told “yeah so I’ve hope you updated your resume”. I also want to highlight that coaches and GMs, the camera crew, the cleaners and anybody else that I have forgotten were also treated with a “see ya later, bye”.

This wasn’t just a football league this was a way to make a living for a lot of people. I will also tack on this, I’m not angry with Charlie Ebersol or Bill Polian, they had a great idea, they had motivation, they had a great product that was being delivered even better. However to sort of go back on my words. It’s a terrible business plan to go “yeah we have a few sponsors now but once the league goes we will get more and that’s how we will pay for it all”. Sorry but when my mum raised me she installed into me from an early age if you can’t afford it you don’t get it.

Charlie, Bill, I hope you are reading this. Please try again, we loved this league and we want it back. Every person that I spoke to that said they didn’t like it they all shared a very common thing THEY DIDN’T WATCH A SINGLE GAME!!! So fellas please don’t help just me out. Help anyone who genuinely loves football and wants to see these players reach their dreams, if you can bring back the league, do it and make sure you do it right and we as fans will do our best to make sure it’s around for a very long time. And as a final sign off if there is any former AAF players or staff out there that want to be interviewed to either tell their story or grow their brand, message me on twitter @skulzy951. I wanna help.