AAF Week 1 – Regan’s Corner

By Regan Scholes

Alliance of American Football

Every week I will be doing a little take on the Arizona hotshots and an overall view of the AAF take of it what you will buy for those interested here goes.

So, with the Patriots finally winning another super bowl, we all were left excited for the draft as our next taste of football. However, to the rescue is this nice little feeder or second chance league if you will, called The Alliance of American Football or the AAF if you will. For those that do not know much about it, it is a 8 team league consisting of the Arizona Hotshots, Salt Lake Stallions, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Atlanta Legends, Orlando Apollos, San Diego Fleet and the San Antonio Commanders.

The first game got off to an exciting and new start between the Fleet and the Commanders with the first play being a first down reception by Commanders WR Mekale McKay. Yes. The first ever play wasn’t a kick return. The AAF is trying something new with the sport of no longer doing kickoffs and just placing the ball on the 25-yard line. I love a good kick return, but this actually works.

Now through the game, McKay looked to be a true playmaker in this league, hauling in 5 receptions and churning out 80 yards. On defence, their line essentially won them the game. I’m sure you have seen the viral video floating around the internet of the huuuuge sack on the Fleet QB Mike Bercovici by Shaan Washington. As for the Fleet, unfortunately, they had consistent trouble getting the ball moving with both of their QBs throwing interceptions. Three to be exact, they didn’t want to show any flashes of improving but their defence kept them alive with stud linebacker Jonathan Massaquoi boasting five tackles and 2 sacks in the game.

Final score San Diego – 6 San Antonio 15.

Unfortunately, I did not catch much of the following two games but the scores were:

Atlanta – 6 Orlando – 40
Memphis – 0 Birmingham 26

Memphis Express' Brandon Silvers

Finally, I get to bring you my Hotshots Hot take.

The final game in an exciting opening weekend was brought to you by the Stallions and the Hotshots. I will admit I paid closer attention to this game. The first thing I did notice was the light in many of these players. They knew that they were on their way back to where they want to be. The second thing, welcome to the AAF Hotshots QB John Wolford and WR Rashad Ross. Wolford and Ross connected on 5 receptions for 103 yards and 2 TDs. Though this isn’t the big show, this league does have 81% of their players from a former NFL roster and that showed. Wolfords ability to move in and out of the pocket avoiding countless pressures with his legs and showing an amazing ability to throw on the run. For the Stallions, the most impressive thing I saw from them wasn’t the well below average offence or the vanilla defence, it was actually their punter who surprised me. The majority of his punts being a pin drop into the Hotshots 20 if not 5-yard line. My advice for the Stallions would be, you don’t want your MVP to be your punter. Give the ball to Matt Asiata outside goal one offence.

Final score Stallions – 22 Hotshots – 38

Overall view for the week. I saw two things.

1. How these men were able to be in the NFL.
2. Why they were released from the NFL