Rushing at Last

The Detroit Lions haven’t been a good rushing team for a long time. It seems like every year they miss on a running back in the draft. Maybe that has changed. Kerryon Johnson ran for 158 yards this week against the Miami Dolphins. As a team they ran for 248 yards, that is the first time they have gone over 200 yards rushing since 1999. I’m sure Lion’s fans are hoping this is a sign of things to come!

Comeback of the Year, or Franchise

Trailing 17-0 late in the third quarter to the reigning Superbowl champs things were not looking good. However, what followed was 21 unanswered from the Panthers and an unexpected win! Not only was this an amazing win but it was also the largest comeback ever for the Carolina Panthers ever!

Vrabel Sized Balls

We often criticise coaches for being for not going after a win but for once i’d like to praise one. New Titans head coach Mike Vrabel decided to go for two points this week after getting the game tying touchdown. Although it didn’t pay off this time I commend Vrabel for his massive balls and I think if he continues to big aggressive and back in his team it will start to pay off in the future. It’s better than standing around clapping hoping for overtime…


Raider Fire Sale

We knew the Raiders were going in a different direction when they traded away Khalil Mack in the preseason but we never thought it would get this dire. This week the Raiders traded away Amari Cooper. They took Cooper with the number four pick in 2015 draft and he started his career with two 1000 yard seasons. Since then he has struggled with motivation and on field success. This was clearly a reason for his trade. Time will tell if he can turn it around at the Cowboys. As for the Raiders they are looking at a very early pick in this years draft and ten more years of John Gruden.

Tucked it Wide

Justin Tucker had hit 222 of 222 extra points in his career. That ended this week as his kicked sailed right and the Ravens failed to tie the game against the Saints and go to overtime. Tucker has been one of the biggest kickers in the NFL for a long time and I think he was as shocked as everyone else. The Ravens have rallied around him and i think we all know Tucker will bounce back from this.

Chances Galore

The Giants this week signed ex first round pick Corey Coleman to play for them. The former top pick has been on three teams this season already. I guess my question is, when is enough, enough? This guy clearly doesn’t have the drive to be an NFL player, the talent, he must have. It just continues to shock me that a guy who clearly can’t make it at this level gets continuous chances because of his draft pedigree. I predict it won’t be a long stay in “Big Blue”.