Texas Sized Resilience

After starting the season 0-3 most people thought the Texans playoff hopes were over. However, they have had an incredible fight back to get to 3-3 and tie for the lead in the South! Time will tell how it pans out, but right now it’s looking good for the Texans!

Darnold Getting It Done

Sam Darnold is showing why a lot of experts had him as the number one QB is this years draft. After a big win over the Colts this week the Jets now sit at 3-3. Considering their overall talent I would say the season has been a success to date. As for Darnold, his numbers aren’t blowing anyone away but if you watch him play you can see his clear talent. He is now starting to separate himself as the early leader for OROY.


Brock Osweiler stepped in this week for injured Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill. He then proceeded to beat the Bears for the third time in his career. Osweiler wasn’t perfect but he didn’t enough to beat a very good Bears defence and keep the Dolphins season alive after back to back losses!


Dancing Kirk

Not much to say, just watch the video below. Cringeworthy.

Competitive Cleveland

There has been a lot of celebration this year for the Cleveland Browns. I for one am not excited for a team that is becoming competitive. They had a chance this week to prove me wrong and get a win at home against the Chargers. Instead they laid an egg giving up 38 points and doing nothing on offence, especially Mayfield. I’m sorry to all the Browns fans out there that are celebrating their team entering mediocrity, I just choose to celebrate good teams instead.

RIP Paul Allen

It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen. Paul lost his fight with cancer this on Tuesday after it resurfaced two weeks ago. Our thoughts are with Paul’s family and friends through this tough time. A fantastic owner and person who will be surely missed.