Patricia gets it done!

First wins can come in all ways, but is there anything sweeter than beating your old team? Ask Matt Patricia! The head coach of the Detroit Lions clocked his first win in the NFL against his former team. Patricia started at the Patriots in 2004 and then spent 14 years with the organization before leaving to the Lions. Congrats to Patricia on a massive first career win!

Bake me a win

635 days. 635 days since the Browns last win against the then San Diego Chargers, and what a win it was! This year’s 1st overall pick, Baker Mayfield, came in just before half time and erased a 14 point deficit to beat the Jets! Now I know they only beat the Jets, but a win is a win, especially if it’s been 635 days…

Greatest show on turf (2018 edition)

The Falcons and the Saints combined for 56 first downs, 941 yards and 80 points. Saints came away with the win thanks to the terrible overtime rule but overall this game was outstanding. We will struggle to see a better game all season long!


17 point dogs

The Vikings were 17 point favourites this week at home against the terrible Buffalo Bills. It didn’t matter though as the Bills torched them 27-6. Not since 1995 has a 17 point underdog won a game. Hopefully this was just a one of lapse for the Vikings, and not a sign of what’s to come…

They booed Santa?

As further evidence that the Eagles fanbase is the worst in the world. (As if we needed it after the Santa incident.) This week they decided to boo their quarterback in his first game back since tearing his ACL. What is wrong with you Eagles fans?

Season over club……

If you are a fan of the Raiders, Texans or the Cardinals, sadly your competitive season is all but over. Only 2.9% of 0-3 teams have made the playoffs since 1980. Enjoy watching your teams for 13 more weeks!