3 Good, 3 Bad Week 1


Back again with a look at Week 1 of the 2018 NFL Season. Finally real football!

3 Good

Sam Darnold

As he became the third player in the history of the NFL to throw a pick 6 on his first ever pass I’m sure we all thought it was a terrible start to his career. However, from then on, we saw a young QB with resolve, poise and most of all talent. He led the Jets to a 48-17 win over the hapless Lions, in the process becoming the first Jets QB to throw for 2 touchdowns in his first start!


Ryan “The Amish Rifle” Fitzpatrick throwing for 417 yards and 5 touchdowns (one rushing) makes me believe in magic! Facing what we think is a very good Saints team, “Fitzmagic” was able to do whatever he pleased! I know it’s only one week but this could be the sign of another run for Fitzpatrick or possibly the end of Jameis Winston’s time in Tampa!


The Pittsburgh Runningback Exchange

James Connor came in for a sulky Le’Veon Bell and boy did he make the most of his opportunity! As he rushed for 135 yards and 2 touchdowns he showed the world that maybe Bell isn’t required in Steeler land any more. Surviving cancer during his college career at Pitt, and being a native of Pennsylvania the whole state is rooting for this guy to make it, especially the Steeler’s fickle fans!

3 Bad

The Cleveland Losers

Teams with a turnover ratio of plus 5 or more are 132-4-1. The Browns account for two of those losses and then, after this week’s game, the tie. The Browns continue to find ways to amaze us, including have a game winning field goal blocked in the remaining seconds of the game. But at least the losing streak is over…..

Doyle does not rule…..

After two years out of the NFL we finally saw the return of Andrew Luck. And what a return it was. He looked very good in the pocket and his velocity and timing of passes were almost spot on. What a shame when he was driving to win the game that his Tight End Jack Doyle fumbled which resulted in a defensive touchdown for the Bengals and a loss for Luck. Thanks Doyle!!


Start him, Bench him

The Buffalo Bills were not poised to be a good team this season and their 47-3 loss to the Ravens was not a good way to change any one’s mind. However, the worst moment of this game was not the score line. After starting Nathan Peterman over the first round pick Josh Allen I thought he would at least get a few weeks to prove himself on this terrible team. But alas, they benched him before the end of the game to bring in Allen anyway, who they were trying to “protect” from exactly this! Now they are in a bind as I don’t believe they want to throw Allen to the wolves but how do they go back to Peterman who has thrown 7 interceptions in his only two starts! The Bills continue to show zero direction for the team and make head scratching decisions!