3 Good, 3 Bad – Preseason Week 1


Three Good

Andrew Luck

Although Andrew Luck’s numbers were not amazing, it was just a pleasure to see him back on the field. In his first start since the last game of the 2016 season, Luck went 6-9 for 64 yards. More importantly, he was hit a couple of times and didn’t seem to bothered by it. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come and Andrew Luck returns to the field permanently!

Josh Allen

 Allen’s numbers might not be super impressive (9/19, 116 yards, 1 TD), but it was the way he went about it that made me think this guy might be a future star. Allen constantly avoided pass rush, rushed for 1st downs and capped if off showing his cannon of an arm with a 14 yard touchdown pass. Although he was working against the 3rd string unit, tape doesn’t lie and it was an impressive start for the Bills top pick.

 Shaquem Griffin

There has been plenty of hype and questions about Shaquem Griffin since he was drafted in the 5th round by the Seahawks. However, in his first start he did not disappoint. He was all over the field racking up 9 tackles (6 solo) and a tackle for loss. If this is a sign of things to come then the Seahawks might have found an absolute steal in the draft!

Three Bad

Derrius Guice

A truly devastating first game for the 2nd round pick out of LSU. At the end of the first quarter after having six carries for 19 yards Guice’s night, and season, was over. He was diagnosed with a torn ACL shortly after the game. We wish Guice the best of luck and hope he can return in full capacity next season. As for Washington, they loose a guy that was due to be relied upon heavily.

Deflate Gate 2.0- Preseason Edition

A football was found deflated during the Eagles/Pittsburgh game. NFL vice president of football communications Michael Signora said in a statement. “All footballs were in compliance with NFL rules following the pregame inspection process and all proper procedures were followed, In the third quarter, a football that was found to be defective was removed from play, will be sent back to Wilson for review.” Let’s hope this doesn’t start another investigation where we hear about it for the next ten weeks.

Helmet to Helmet Rule

The new rule saw plenty of action in the first week of the preseason. Several flags were thrown and we even saw Shamarko Thomas from the Colts be ejected. Colts head coach, Frank Reich, had this to say after the game. “That was very disappointing. I’m very disappointed, We don’t teach that. That was a good call, that was the appropriate call, he should have been ejected. … That could have been avoided, should have been avoided, and the referees did the right thing.”

Thomas was released by the Colts the day after the game. No word yet whether the ejection was the reason, however it seems to have had a say in it. Time will tell if this rule will change the game, so far most of the calls have all been correct.