NBA FINALS: What’s Happened So Far

By Jarryd Barnes

Well, a tale of 2 games has shown us both surprise and met expectations from the narrative heading into the 2018 finals. One game defying everyone’s predictions with a near upset, and the other a boring showing on what we expected.

Game 1 was insane, and had the world on the edge of their seat. I remember I kept looking at the score thinking no way! How can Cleveland be winning? Yet the King came to play in Game 1, racking up 51 points 8 rebounds and 8 assists. It was truly one of the great finals performances. To give Cleveland any chance of a win on the road, LeBron had to be phenomenal and he was.

A 1-0 lead to Cleveland would’ve changed the dynamic of the finals. If it wasn’t for the JR blunder at the end of regulation, I think Cleveland could pull out the win, once the game shifted to OT, the game shifted back to the Warriors. Cleveland were mentally shot after that blunder, you could see it in their faces. That was their shot and they blew it!

Now the series should shift back to what everyone expected, which was Golden State to dominate the Cavaliers, and with respect and fairness to LeBron, I still think they steal a game away, most likely during one of their two home games coming up.

But for the Cavaliers to pick up a win they need to shake the disaster of Game 1. It was apparent during the second game that they were still mentally suffering from it, as Golden State dominated the Cavaliers, and I think were easily 10 point favourites all game, even though the game was within 5 at points, it was also out to 15 at some points.

Curry was hot early and set the tone early that the Warriors weren’t letting what happened in Game 1 happen again. Even though KD started slow, the game was essentially over early.

As the series shifts back to Cleveland I’m interested to see how the Cavaliers come back from the shocks on the road and try to even the series with the next two games in the Q.

Hopefully LeBron can defy the odds and get the Cavaliers back, but it looks doubtful at this stage. Stay tuned to the series to see how it plays out.