Hard Knocks Goes to Cleveland


Get hyped Cleveland fans, Hard Knocks season 13 will feature the Browns.

There is no shortage of stories this year that should be interesting to watch unfold. We will get a first hand look at what the team will do to recover from their 0-16 season; what changes Hue Jackson plans on initiating as he attempts to turn the team around in his third year at the helm; the potential battle for starter between Tyrod Taylor and controversial first round pick, Baker Mayfield and the battle between Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson Jr and second round draft pick, Nick Chubb.

“The storylines in Cleveland are compelling, which make the Browns an ideal partner on HARD KNOCKS,” says NFL Films senior executive Ross Ketover. “We’re looking forward to showing NFL fans around the world what the Haslams, John Dorsey, Hue Jackson and the coaching staff are doing to rebuild the team and reboot one of the most iconic franchises in sports.”

John Dorsey has changed his tone after telling ESPN Cleveland 850AM on May 2nd, “I don’t believe we’re on Hard Knocks, I don’t think there’s anything good that comes out of Hard Knocks, but we’ll see.”

Dorsey has stated since the announcement “Like many, I was reluctant about being the featured team on HARD KNOCKS, but once we sat down and talked about it as an organization, I feel a lot better and understand why the time is right,” says general manager John Dorsey. “Hue and I both feel like this team is in a good place and that we are in the process of building something that will lead to success. Being a part of HARD KNOCKS will give our fans the opportunity to see how passionate the people in our building are about winning and how excited we are about getting to work and preparing for the 2018 season.”

This will be the second time Hue Jackson has appeared on Hard Knocks, Jackson was the Bengals runningbacks coach during their second appearance on the show in 2013.

“I’ve been a part of HARD KNOCKS and when you experience it first-hand, you come to appreciate the inside look it really gives fans,” says head coach Hue Jackson. “We are excited about what we are building within our organization and feel good about the progress we have made this offseason. Being able to bring our fans in so they can get to know our players and our organization in a different way will be a huge positive for us. I want people to see how much our players and coaches care, how hard they work and how badly they want to win for Cleveland. This will be a great opportunity for our team.”

Baker Mayfield had the following to say on the SiriusXM NFL Show:

Hard Knocks Cleveland debuts Tuesday, Aug. 7 10 p.m. ET/PT (Wednesday, Aug. 8 12 p.m. AEST)