Usually we get some upset results in Round 1 but this year we had to wait until Round 2 before we got them. The ladder is all over the place at the moment but I’m sure it will start to take shape over the next few weeks! In the meantime I’ve tried my best to rank the teams based on their current form.


1.  GWS (2-0)
Not quite as convincing as their Round 1 demolition but still they looked good and a win away from home especially at the MCG is huge for them. 

2.  Port Adelaide (2-0) 
A lot has been talked about the recruiting at Alberton but it's been the recent draftees that have made the most impact so far. Names like Bonner, Howard and Marshall have been revelations while Oli Wines is some sort of form right now.

3.  Hawthorn (2-0) 
Tom Mitchell, wow just wow and he isn't alone at the Hawks as Big Boy McEvoy is also in career best form right now. Once Cyril finds his feet and Gunston readjusts to being in the forward 50 they will be right back up there again. 

4.  Adelaide (1-1) 
Bounced back really well and got some albeit not the ultimate revenge over the Tigers. Tex slotted back in well and things will get even better once Lynch & Crouch return. 

5.  Geelong (1-1) 
After a great first up win the return of Dangerfield was not able to produce another even though the big 3 all had huge games they need more contributors to consistently beat top sides. 

6.  Sydney (1-1)
Too Buddy centric and even as good and mercurial as the great man can be, even he isn't capable of winning games off his own boot every week. Ball use going forward also seems to still be a major issue. 
7.  Melbourne (1-1) 
Had a scare but got the job done which previous Melbourne teams may not have been able to do. Garlett, Hogan & Oliver were all huge in the victory, now they need to back up and knock over their bogey team this week. 

8.  Richmond (1-1) 
Form still seems a little indifferent at this early stage and the last quarter fade out in Adelaide could be worrying. Dusty is still doing what Dusty does but a few other stars need to find their 2017 form and fast.

9.  Gold Coast (2-0) 
What were the odds of Suns starting 2-0 well actually when look at their fixture it's not as a big a surprise. Big test coming up with back to back games in Perth. 

10.  Fremantle (1-1) 
West Coast couldn't do it but the Dockers were able to get WA's first win at the new Perth Stadium and they did it in style. Can Matt Taberner move from enigma to quality forward or was this week just another tease. 
11.  Essendon (1-1)
Crashed back down to earth over in the west as reality set in. Are thy really as good as many thought.  

12.  West Coast (1-1) 
Wins in Melbourne are gold for the Eagles and to do it in such convincing fashion with JJK still sidelined is even better. Now they need to protect the home fortress. 
13.  North Melbourne (1-1) 
Perhaps their not to be as bad as we first thought. Ben Brown is now a genuine star forward and if their midfield can keep up the supply he could be on track for an 80+ snigle season.
14.  St Kilda (1-1)
Dropped the ball big time on Good Friday, they really needed to cash in on a couple soft games to start the season but failed miserably. The opposition gets incredibly tough for the next few weeks. 

15.  Brisbane (0-2) 
They were again able to respond with a challenge after being under early pressure but again the toll of mounting a comeback took it out of this young side and they were beaten. 

16.  Collingwood (0-2) 
Massive week this week for the Pies with a match against their old rival with both teams struggling. Would not want to be in Bucks shoes if they get rolled this week. 

17.  Carlton (0-2)
No more excuses, the Blues needed to win on the weekend and they came up well short of the mark. In fact they took a major step backwards after showing promise the week before. 

18.  Western Bulldogs (0-2)
Dead set ordinary again and the most worrying thing is it's hard to see where the improvement will come from. There is no gun player waiting in the sidelines ready to come in a make an impact. Good luck Bevo.



Josh Prendergast is both a co-host of the AFL Monday Podcast and the Chief AFL Writer of The Vault Studio, with his ‘Whack’ segments being his main weekly opinion piece on his blog, which can be found at You can also find him on Twitter (@prendeto) for more priceless venting and expert opinion on all things AFL, NBA and Cricket related.