With the NBA season winding down, NBA Chief Writer Jarryd Barnes has compiled his awards list for the 2017/18 season. It has been a crazy season this year with injuries, surprise contenders, new stats emerging and old ones maintaining greatness!



The bearded one, James Harden. 

Harden never was really challenged until after the All Star Break, and has remained consistent all season proving that he deserves the MVP this season, unlike past seasons where he’s come up short.

Other Candidates: LeBron James, Anthony Davis


Coach of the Year: 

Coach of the year is always a challenging pick every year with many candidates each season, with the 2017/18 campaign being no exception. Candidates include Brad Stevens (Celtics), Dwayne Casey (Raptors), Brett Brown (Sixers), Mike D’Antoni (Rockets) & Nate McMillan (Pacers). 

But I think this year Raptors coach Dwayne Casey takes this, and this is why…

The Raptors were only predicted to win 43 games according to ESPN, and expected to sit around the 6th seed; They’ve currently won 55 and sit firmly atop the Eastern Conference.


Defensive Player of the Year: 

This is a tough one, and I do think that if Rudy Gobert was healthy all season he would have won this, but I’m going to have to go with Paul George.  

His defense this season has been amazing, played consistently great D for the Thunder all season and is much deserving. 


6th Man of the Year: 

I see two standouts and one darkhorse for this one, with the obvious standouts being Lou Williams and Eric Gordon. 

Williams had a phenomenal stretch and was unlucky to miss out of an All Star appearance, and additionally Gordon is been fantastic for Houston stepping up when Chris Paul and James Harden missed games. 

My smokey is Terry Rozier from Boston, as he has been fantastic this season and has really shown everyone he can play. 

But if I were to pick one player, it’d be Sweet Lou. 


Most Improved Player: 

This one is always tough because so many are deserving and have shown significant improvement, but my prediction is Victor Oladipo from the Indiana Pacers. He has flourished at his new team, showing what he can do after the few years in he league. A close second would be Aaron Gordon, and has flown under the radar on a bad Orlando team.