Draft Hats Ranked by My Wife


With the seriousness of the draft underway it’s important that we take time out of our busy schedules to think about what really matters, who has the best draft hat. The following gallery is the official ranking of the draft day hats by my wife, who barely follows football. The comments that follow are what she said while looking at the hats for the first time.

32. Oakland Raiders Too black and boring.31. New Orleans Saints Looks horrible, its boring.30. Pittsburgh Steelers That’s basically what you can already get.29. New York Jets J – E – T – S is boring. Jet up, that’s boring.28. Dallas Cowboys I would’ve expected more from the Cowboys. I do like the title America’s Team though.27. Green Bay Packers “Go Pack Go and TitleTown”… Yeah… Meh.26. Baltimore Ravens I would’ve thought they’d go purple but they went black. I like that. “Play Like a Raven” I’m not too sure about that because birds can’t play football.25. Cincinnati Bengals I like their logo but I don’t like the slogan chosen.24. Kansas City Chiefs It kinda just looks like the niners.23. Denver Broncos Too much orange, but I guess if you like that.22. Indianapolis Colts I do like the horse shoe, and the horsepower underneath. I like the colt’s forged, it’s pretty.21. Washington Redskins That one’s not great.20. Arizona Cardinals I don’t like red, so… It’s just too much red, they need something else.19. San Francisco 49ers It just looks like their normal hats. But I do like their logo.18. Los Angeles Rams That’s alright but not great.17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yeah, red’s not my color. But I like how you have different colors, the red and the black.16. Philadelphia Eagles It’s really boring.15. Minnesota Vikings I think I have to like it because you go for them but it just doesn’t stand out to me.14. Detroit Lions Not enough color variation.13. Cleveland Browns It doesn’t have as much orange as I thought it would. I don’t like that.12. Los Angeles Chargers “Super Chargers” I like that.11. Atlanta Falcons It’s not bad, but its kinda boring. “Rise up”, that’s pretty cool.10. Carolina Panthers I like the keep pounding. That’s pretty nice sounding. I like the color.9. Seattle Seahawks I’m a bit disappointed in the Seahawks. I would’ve thought they’d be bright green. They’ve gone all navy and only a little green on the inside. But everyone knows them for having green.8. Chicago Bears I really like the navy. The monsters of the midway, that’s really cool actually.7. Buffalo Bills I like the colors, nice colors.6. Houston Texans It’s got different colours. It’s quite nice.5.  New York Giants I like the blue of the bill. I don’t find their logo too interesting.4. Tennessee Titans I like this because their logos nice. And the lighter colors around the edge of the letters is a nice touch.3. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville! Oh I like the black and teal. That’s a good one.2. New England Patriots DO YOUR JOB, I like that! It looks good too.1. Miami Dolphins *Deep Inhale* THE MIAMI DOLPHINS I lOVE IT. Go Fins and it has the logo on it! I like this one, this one is nice.

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