Oh my god… I can’t believe I have made it to the fiftieth Whack! What a journey is has been from man buns to baskers, from cricket selectors to school pick-ups there have been so many things that have done my head across the past fifty weeks. Anyway here is the latest installment of shit that pisses me off:


The first WHACK this week goes to Luke Beverage, the Western Bulldogs coach. I’m wondering how long does the glory of winning your clubs first flag in fuck knows how long paper over the serve cracks in your coaching technique. Well about half a day in the world of El Prendeto, ever since the flag was won the wheels have been slowly falling off at the Whitten Oval to the point where they were humiliated on Sunday. But to me the biggest issue is in the coaches box where the former messiah now seems more like an imposter. He has an obsession with trying to turn ever player into a multi dimensional player and so far it has only served to either ruin that players career or stunt their progress. The latest example being Easton Wood a former All Australian caliber defender and one of the best intercept players in the game, so why the fuck is he being played in the forward 50 where he can’t get a touch while the competitions most leaky defence is getting ripped a new asshole by the Cameron and Greene. Give me a spell Bevo get your own head out of your ass and start trying to fix the shit storm that you yourself have created.


The second WHACK is headed the way of the AFL scheduling team for the timing of Sunday evenings match over in Perth. While I understand they wanted to try and play a night match to make the best possible of the new Perth Stadium and it’s amazing lighting why the fuck was it on a Sunday night. A 10:30 finish AEDT time on a work/school night is no good. I can’t see any legit reason why this match could not have been at the normal Sunday twilight time of 4:40pm. If the AFL wanted to do a Sunday night game then the upcoming weekend was the time to go with it as Monday is a public holiday. Come on AFL get you shit in order and get the schedule right you peasants.


The final WHACK for the week is the AFL Tribunal and it’s decision to suspend Richard Douglas for a week for laying what I and most people would regard as a perfect bump. Ok so yes Zach Merrett was concussed and that I would assume is the only reason Douglas got a suspension. Watching the incident over a couple of times it is clear no part of Douglas makes any contact with the head of Merrett. Plus the fact the ball was live (Merrett didn’t have possession) and therefore his only option was to bump. Finally the umpire in control didn’t even pay a free, it was only when an umpire away from the ball belatedly blew his whistle that a free was paid (incorrectly I might add). Basically if what Douglas did is now a suspend-able offense than Footy is fucked as no player can now even contest a ground ball unless they charge at it head first, which will result in a lot more serious injuries to player I would have thought with the amount of head on head clashes that would occur.


Josh Prendergast is both a co-host of the  AFL Monday Podcast and the Chief AFL Writer of The Vault Studio, with his ‘Whack’ segments being his main weekly opinion piece on his blog, which can be found at www.elprendeto.com. You can also find him on Twitter (@prendeto) for more priceless venting and expert opinion on all things AFL, NBA and Cricket related.