Well GEEEEEE, the AFL Season is starting to get so close I can feel the excitement building! Once we get this ridiculous Pre-Season hoo-haa out of the way we can finally get into it.

At least at the moment we have a thrilling AFLW season to keep our Footy hunger somewhat satisfied.

But now to satisfy everyone’s Whack hunger, HERE WE GO!



First for this edition goes to the AFL for having the audacity to charge people $20 to watch a JLT Pre-Season practice between teams who aren’t fair dinkum and just going through the motions because they are forced to play these ridiculous matches.

Last week I had a crack at the people of Tassie for not attending a game in their state… Well now I feel like they may have been justified in their non-attendance. I mean seriously, there could be a JLT match played in my backyard and I doubt I would even bother to get off the couch and glance out the kitchen window, such is my interest in the whole charade! Yet the AFL thinks it’s ok to charge people twenty bucks, yes twenty fucking bucks to get in a venue. Give me a spell, AFL. Make it free and stop the money grabbing… They are nothing more than trial games after all.



Secondly, this is for people having a go at Dave Warner for his little dressing room dust-up with Quinten De Kock. FFS people, does it really matter if a few words were exchanged in the heat of the moment….? It was away from the viewing public and really should not have been seen by anyone other than those present making it a non story.

Regardless of what was said, there should be no outrage about the incident as it should never have been made public as it was a private argument in the confines of the dressing room. Besides, what’s wrong with a bit of emotion in test cricket anyway? Obviously there is a line and as long as it was not crossed (physicality) then who cares?! Get on with the cricket as it was a cracking Test and the rest of the series looks like it will be as well!



The final victim for this edition goes to the absurd amount of media coverage that is given to Fantasy Football scores. I mean…. Calm the FUCK down, people! Do we really want article upon article on which rookie will make the best cash cow? Or if Gary Ablett underpriced and other such bullshit…?

How about writing an informed article about a teams chances this season, or a proper game review based on how a team or a particular player played instead of just their supercoach scores…? I know that Supercoach is the Herald Sun’s baby and AFL Fantasy is is afl.com.au’s baby, but do we really need the complete saturation we are copping at the moment?!

Lets face it with amount of coverage it gets now days pretty much everyone will have the same team anyway so the art of picking a unique squad is pretty much gone thus defeating the original fun of the whole concept.

Give me a spell Media peasants and stop with the Fantasy related article, just publish the scores and be done with it!



Josh Prendergast is both a co-host of the AFL Monday Podcast and the Chief AFL Writer of The Vault Studio, with his ‘Whack’ segments being his main weekly opinion piece on his blog, which can be found at www.elprendeto.com. You can also find him on Twitter (@prendeto) for more priceless venting and expert opinion on all things AFL, NBA and Cricket related.