With the season winding down, here my predictions for the All-NBA teams for the 2017/18 season: 




James Harden (Houston Rockets) – Harden is a lock for All-NBA first team, and will most likely win the MVP award, and much deserving. Harden is averaging 30.9pts, 8.7asts, 5.2rebs, 1.9stls, 45%FG & 37%3P.  

“It’s a no brainer, the guy has been phenomenal is leading the Rockets to the #1 seed and are a possibility to win it all.”


Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)Curry has flown under the radar again this year, but that doesn’t mean he has performed at an elite level. Since the addition of Durant, Curry has quietly been putting up some great numbers, and this year was no exception.  Although he’s had some injury issues this year he’s still much deserving on this spot. Curry is averaging 26.3pts, 6.2asts, 5.1reb, 1.6stl, 49%FG & 42%3P.  



LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)‘King James’ has been doing what a King does, putting up ridiculous numbers at age 33 and not looking like slowing down anytime soon. James has been in the discussion of MVP all year, but then again he always is…. Cleveland have been up and down this year, but for the most part LeBron has remained consistent in trying to lead Cleveland back to The Finals. He’s averaging 27.1pts, 9.0asts, 8.6reb, 1.5stl, 1.0blk, 54%FG & 37%3P.  


Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors)Durant has been incredible this year, and has had to take on a bigger load with the Warriors being hit with the injury bug this year. Nonetheless, he has taken on the responsibility and made it look easy at times, both on offense and defense. He’s averaging 26.6pts, 5.4asts, 6.8reb, 1.9blk, 52%FG & 43%3P.  



Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans) –  Post All-Star Break, Davis has been the best player in the association by far! He has notched some ridiculous numbers and seems to be flourishing without his injured teammate in Demarcus Cousins. Even when the former King was healthy, Davis had really good numbers but somehow has taken it to another level, pushing him into a late MVP run.

He may have left it too late but he’d be making Harden sweat! Davis has propelled the Pelicans into top 4 seed contention with his phenomenal play, averaging 27.9pts 11.2reb, 2.3asts, 1.5stl, 2.4blk, 53%FG & 34%3P. 





Damian Lillard (Portland Trailblazers) – Lillard has had a phenomenal season for Portland, putting him not only in the top point guard discussion, but in the MVP sentence. Portland currently are the three seed thanks to Lillard notching an eleven-game win streak after the All-Star Break. Lillard is averaging 26.8pts, 6.6asts, 4.5reb, 1.0stl, 44%FG & 37%3P. 


Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) – Westbrook this season has gone close to replicating his history-breaking triple-double averaging 2016/17 campaign. The Thunder have struggled to find their feet this season and remaining consistent has been a challenge, but Westbrook has taken it upon himself to carry the Thunder to sit as the fourth seed in the West. Westbrook is averaging 25.3pts, 10.2asts, 9.7reb, 1.8stl, 45%FG & 29%3P. 



Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) – Giannis made an early-season run at MVP that had everybody talking but has dropped of as the season went on, much like his Bucks team, but has managed to bring back that early season form in March. Milwaukee are currently 7th in the East and it’s unlikely they drop out of playoff contention, and hopefully Giannis can get some help to make a deep post-season run. Giannis is averaging 27.4pts, 10.1reb, 4.8asts, 1.5stl, 1.4blk, 53%FG & 30%3P. 


Lamarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs) – L.A has been scrutinised ever since leaving Portland to go to San Antonio and not performing close to the level he used to, but this season the Spurs have been without Kawhi Leonard for all but nine games and Aldridge has had to front the load of the offense surrounded by a mix of vets and young raw talent. The Spurs are hanging onto the 7th seed , although 5-10 in the West is separated by 2 games. Aldridge is averaging 22.5pts, 8.3reb, 2.0asts, 1.0blk, 50%FG & 30%3P. 



Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)FINALLY, Embiid has had a healthy season and he’s turning heads after what has been a brilliant campaign so far. He gives opposition teams headaches down low and erases shots at the other end, propelling himself from an injury prone bust to a top-three big man in the NBA. The Cameroon native is averaging 23.6pts, 11.1reb, 3.3asts, 1.8blk, 48%FG & 30%3P. 




Demar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors) – DeRozan has always been fairly consistent but never turned heads in this 2017/18 campaign. However, the positive new is that the Raptors guard has expanded his range, and shown that he can knock down the deep ball more often than he’s known. It’s the finishing touches on a well-rounded game for DeRozan, who has lead his Raptors to become the #1 seed in the East that demands respect! Dear is averaging 23.7pts, 4.0reb, 5.1asts, 1.1stl, 46%FG & 32%3P. 


Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics)It’s a fresh start for Kyrie this season under Brad Stevens and is flourishing at the opportunity to lead this Celtics team. Currently the #2 seed, Irving propelled Boston from the start of the year, showing us his amazing handles and ability to finish at the rim. Irving was unlucky not to be higher in All-NBA Teams, but there has been so many strong guards this year. Irving is averaging 24.4pts, 3.8reb, 5.1asts, 1.1stl, 49%FG & 40%3P. 



Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder)New team for PG13 and didn’t he catch fire early on?! OKC have struggled this year, and feel that it comes down to the adjustment these guys have had to do, now boasting the fourth seed in the West and playing well. Paul George is averaging 21.8pts, 5.6reb, 3.4asts, 2.1stls, 43%FG & 40%3P. 


Karl Anthony-Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)KAT is the definition of consistency, and has been out of this world since his rookie campaign. His footwork is the best I’ve seen in a while, and has also established an outside game which is dangerous for opposition teams. It’s obvious that this bloke is the real deal when it comes to big man offense, averaging 20.7pts, 12.2reb, 2.4asts, 1.8blk, 55%FG & 42%3P. 



Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons)Drummond has had another dominating year on the boards and on the defensive end! The Pistons were off to a great start but really fell off the map ever since they acquired former Clipper Blake Griffin. Good or not, the fact is Andre has had a great season. He’s averaging 15.0pts, 15.8reb, 3.2asts, 1.6stl, 1.6blk, 53%FG.