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NBA Top 10 Power Rankings – Week 13


1 Golden State Warriors (Record 35-9)

Let’s be honest, was it going to be any other team at number one this week. They have maybe the best player currently in Kevin Durant who is starting to look more and more like MVP every game and arguably the greatest shooter putting up big numbers since his return from injury, shooting a field goal percentage of .492 the only time he had better numbers was when he was voted the first unanimous MVP.

2 Boston Celtics (Record 34-1 0)

The year so far has been exceptional been easily the best team in the east even though they lost Gordon Hayward in the first game of the season. But since that horrifying injury the Celtics have had to put a lot more minutes into Jayson Tatum and he has averaged 13.9 points per game and probably leading rookie of the year.

3 Toronto Raptors (Record 29-12)

The Raptors this season have done one thing that is being the Toronto Raptors. What does that mean? That means they have been one of the best teams in the east relying heavily on DeMar DeRozan and his scoring leading the team and his scoring is the main reason the Raptors are 3rd this week. He is in the Top 10 in Points Per Game (25.4) and Field Goals Made (8.9)

4 Houston Rockets (Record 30-11)

Since James Harden suffered a hamstring injury the Rockets have won 5 of 7 games on losing to the Warriors and Pistons. In saying this though, all the games but one (Portland Trailblazers) they have won have all been against sub .500 win teams. With even more easy games coming their way next week they may escape Harden’s absence in a great position after the All-Star break.

5 San Antonio Spurs (Record 29-15)

The Spurs this year have been very consistent with Lamarcus Aldridge taking the lead for his side by averaging 22.4 points this season but with the return of Kawhi Leonard from injury will certainly help the Spurs in the second half of the season and it won’t surprise me to see the Spurs deep in the season with those two firing.

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6 Minnesota Timberwolves (Record 28-16)

The T-Wolves so far this season have been very strong even though they are sporting quite a young roster but in that roster they have Jimmy Butler who is having arguably his best season with 21 ppg and averaging 5 rebounds and 5 assists this season. With Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns they will make playoffs this season and may cause some headaches for teams is they get a head of steam up. You only needed to watch them play the Cavaliers this past week when they almost beat them by 40 points.

7 Cleveland Cavaliers (Record 26-16)

The Cavaliers this past week have hit the skids not only blowing a 22 point lead to the Pacers but losing back to back games by 30 points the first time in LeBron’s career if this trend keeps up the Cavs will have a big problem this off season keeping James.

8 Miami Heat (Record 25-17)

The Heat this year looked like they were going to be a mess at the start of the season but that is certainly not the case going into the All-Star break. Firstly they snapped Toronto’s 12-game winning streak and have gone a 7-game streak of their own the only down size is that they have probably lost Dion Waiters for the season with ankle surgery.

9 Washington Wizard (Record 25-18)

Well the Wizards the team that at the start of the season everyone loves to speculate about are they finally going push LeBron in the East. But, here we are almost at mid-season and the Wizards are right where they always seem to be. If not for Wall and Beal who would know where they would be.

10 Oklahoma City Thunder (Record 23-20)

The Thunder has been very interesting to follow so far this season. Not only can they be fun to watch now their offence has started to click but unfortunately for them the defence has just seemed to not exist if not for Paul George and Steven Adams it would be completely non-existent. The weird thing is though they seem to struggle against sub .500 teams and seem to push and beat the top teams.

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