1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) – Last Week: 1

A controversial decision, but going to Seattle and getting a win is rare at the best of times. Now there are four teams that share a 10-2 record, but I feel the Eagles still have the versatile firepower at offense and playmaking abilities defensively to still warrant top spot. Can they bounce back this weekend against the Rams in L.A?

  1. Minnesota Vikings (10-2) – Last Week: 2

Unlucky to miss out on top spot as they’ve done everything right so far this season considering injuries to key players. Went to Atlanta and shut the Falcons down completely on defense which has all but wrapped up the NFC North. Case Keenum HAS to be in MVP discussions.

  1. New England Patriots (10-2) – Last Week: 3

Another week where their defense has conceded less than 14 points in a dominant display in western New York. More of the same for this elite franchise, except for that cowardly move by Rob Gronkowski which will cost him a week on the sidelines leading up to playoffs.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2) – Last Week: 4

I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. Down 17 late in the second and got their third last second walk-off field goal win in a row. LeVeon Bell is finding his form again after what has been an underwhelming few weeks by his standards.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (9-3) – Last Week: 5

Went to Arizona and got the job done in what was an average contest. The victory just stamps their top five status in the league, but will need to keep winning with Seattle only a game behind them. They have Philly this weekend in what is surely the game of the round.

  1. New Orleans Saints (9-3) – Last Week: 6

I told you… Brees and Thomas will be the QB-WR combo that will flourish in the last third of the season, and it’s shown the past couple weeks. Rookie pass-catching back Alvin Kamara to me has hopped over everyone else to lead the Rookie Of The Year candidates. Combined with Ingram they are the best RB duo we have seen in a long time!

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4) – Last Week: 7

That’s four weeks in a row now where the Jags have kept seventh spot, but it’s well deserved. Blake Bortles recorded his first 300-yard winning game in god knows how long, and rookie Leonard Fournette found the end zone for the first time in almost a month. They have Seattle this weekend in what will be a ripping contest!

  1. Seattle Seahawks (8-4) – Last Week: 10

Russell Wilson is leading my MVP race by daylight. Without him, the Seahawks would be a shambles considering their inefficiencies at offensive line and in the run game. Their defense came up big against a high-tempo Eagles offense and is in the middle of a form peak at the right time.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (7-5) – Last Week: 12

Did not expect the Ravens to put up 40+ points, but against an inconsistent Lions defense it’s not too surprising. If Joe Flacco continues to feed the ball to Alex Collins and emphasise on ball security they will clinch a wildcard spot and, due to their terrific defense, can really make some noise come January.

  1. Carolina Panthers (8-4) – Last Week: 8

Failed to get anything going consistently in New Orleans, and this loss may have handed the Saints the NFC South crown. They failed to shut down New Orleans’ versatile backs (and you can’t blame them, almost no defense has been able to do that), but the real concern was their ability to get some real excitement at wide receiver, as Funchess and Shepherd aren’t exactly the most dangerous combination on the outside.

  1. Atlanta Falcons (7-5) – Last Week: 9

A very disappointing outing at home. Yes, the Vikings are the real deal but with players like Julio Jones, Tevin Coleman, Devonta Freeman and Mo Sanu you’d think they’d get more than 10 points. I said before the season started that new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian would be the one name under pressure, and his inconsistencies are putting even more of a spotlight on him.

  1. Tennessee Titans (8-4) – Last Week: 14

They have not been as convincing as they were last season, but they’re 8-4 and leading their division! Marcus Mariota put in a solid display against the Texans and looks to be finding some form again, and Delanie Walker looks to have shrugged off his injury. The RB combination of Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry will be extremely important coming into playoffs.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers (6-6) – Last Week: 13

If there’s one team you’d like to avoid in the last four weeks of the season it’s this mob. They are on fire, and so is Keenan Allen who has been the first wide receiver in NFL history to record 10 reception-100 yard games for five weeks in a row.

  1. Detroit Lions (6-6) – Last Week: 15

What can you say about this team… I’m almost out of superlatives for them. Just another ‘Detroit’ year for Detroit. They don’t look to be in wildcard contention, but mathematically they’re still a chance and it starts with Tampa Bay this weekend.

  1. Oakland Raiders (6-6) – Last Week: 18

They did what they had to do against the Giants, and all the sudden they look to be a new favourite to take out the AFC West division out of nowhere! They face the Chiefs this week away in what will be the biggest AFC West showdown for a long time! Will Amari Cooper be back for this duel?

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (6-6) – Last Week: 11

From 4-0 to 6-6, this has been one of the great capitulations in NFL history. Despite a 350+ yard-4 TD game from Alex Smith their defense allowed 38 points against the Jets and an abundance of very fair penalties in the red zone. Discipline is the key with this team, and it looks like coach Andy Reid has lost his grip with his team. As mentioned above, their game against the Raiders this weekend will be one not to miss!

  1. Green Bay Packers (6-6) – Last Week: 21

It might’ve taken them overtime, but the Packers got the win they deserved against the Bucs. Their pass defense still looks super shabby, but backup QB Brett Hundley should be proud of his performance as he was the man that led the comeback. Aaron Rodgers will be reactivated from IR in week 15, so Hundley will have one more week to hold down the fort against the Browns.

  1. Buffalo Bills (6-6) – Last Week: 16

Once contenders for the AFC West division the Bills have slumped back down to a pool of mediocrity once more. They evidently need a solid QB to lead them into hopefully a new winning era, so why not hang up the boots for the 2017 season and start making an enticing pitch to upcoming free agent Kirk Cousins?

  1. Dallas Cowboys (6-6) – Last Week: 20

He did it! Dak finally got his first TD pass since Zeke Elliot’s suspension! Hooray! And they won too! (Insert Jason Garrett cheerleader claps here)

  1. Washington Redskins (5-7) – Last Week: 19

They’re garbage. And they’re about to lose Kirk Cousins which looks to be almost inevitable considering his Jay Cutler-like passion on the field. So many questions and not enough answers in the nation’s capital.




  1. New York Jets (5-7) – Last Week: 22
  2. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7) – Last Week: 23
  3. Arizona Cardinals (5-7) – Last Week: 24
  4. Miami Dolphins (5-7) – Last Week: 27
  5. Houston Texans (4-8) – Last Week: 17
  6. Chicago Bears (3-9) – Last Week: 25
  7. San Francisco 49ers (2-10) – Last Week: 28
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) – Last Week: 26
  9. Indianapolis Colts (3-9) – Last Week: 29
  10. Denver Broncos (3-9) – Last Week: 30
  11. New York Giants (2-10) – Last Week: 31
  12. Cleveland Browns (0-12) – Last Week: 32