1. Philadelphia Eagles – No brainer to lead the pack after week 10. They’re the only team with a solitary loss, Wentz is a sophomore star pushing for MVP candidacy, and their defense is BIG TIME. Jay Ajayi is the icing on the cake in what should be an interesting last third of the season for them.
  2. Los Angeles Rams – If you told me the Eagles and the Rams will be the best two teams in the NFL after week 10, I’d tell you to stick to your day job. Goff has 7 TDs without throwing a pick in his last two weeks, their run game is solid, they found a rhythm defensively and their running game is as strong as ever.
  3. New Orleans Saints – When putting together overall improvement from 2016 and overall efficiency against the weighted opposition, the Saints just squeak by the Steelers in this spot. Watch for Brees and Thomas to be the most productive QB-WR duo over the last seven weeks of the regular season.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers – So many doubts hovering over their pass defense pre-season, but they’ve silenced the so-called ‘experts’ (even myself) to bring back the blue-collar persona that has made this franchise what it is today. Oh, and JuJu Smith-Schuster is officially my second favourite player behind Leonard Fournette!
  5. New England Patriots – No backup QBs? No worries! This defense is also finding their rhythm again, failing to concede more than 17 points in any of their past five games which is the true barometer of their winning streak.
  6. Minnesota Vikings – Yes, the injury to Aaron Rodgers has basically given Team Skol the NFC North division already, but their five-game winning streak is no fluke either. Beating decent defenses in Washington and Baltimore during this span shows that they are not flat-track bullies. The upcoming game against the Rams at home will be a huge test!
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars – They’re the best pass defense in football, and their run defense has slowly improved over the past couple weeks as well. If Bortles restricts the turnovers and keeps feeding the ball to Fournette, they’ll continue their little purple patch.
  8. Kansas City Chiefs – Yeah, their offense is big time, but their defense is close to the worst in the NFL, hence my positioning of the eighth spot. Had chances to produce against quality teams in Pittsburgh, Dallas and Oakland, but failed. This week against the Giants proves to be a real trap game for them.
  9. Carolina Panthers – Yes, Cam is having one of the most bipolar seasons I’ve ever seen, but I think they finally have figured out how to use rookie Christian McCaffrey now. Their defense is also back to their 2015 ways, especially when defending the run.
  10. Tennessee Titans – When Marcus Mariota is healthy, he has proven that he can lead his team to a nice comeback. But that’s the problem. Far from the side, I was hoping they’d be pre-season, but sitting at 6-3 is far from an ordinary first 10 weeks. A HUGE game at Pittsburgh this upcoming week awaits.
  11. Seattle Seahawks – Very impressive from Russell Wilson to keep producing at a high standard despite poor protection and a flaccid running game. Doug Baldwin and Paul Richardson have proven to be nice weapons for the play-caller, as well as a rejuvenated Jimmy Graham winding back the clock to his New Orleans glory days as a true red zone beast. Losing Sherman to an Achilles injury may prove costly down the stretch
  12. Dallas Cowboys – They’re as inconsistent as they come, and their loss to Atlanta last week (albeit without Zeke Elliot) wasn’t good to see. Dak looked like Woody without Buzz Lightyear, and their pass protection just gave up six sacks to the ONE player. Major question marks, and with the Eagles running away with the division I don’t think there is hope left at Jerryworld for 2017.
  13. Buffalo Bills – Their last two losses have been truly disappointing, considering they had a really big chance to fight New England for the AFC East crown, but it may look like they’ll have to fight for one of the two open wildcard spots instead. Conceding 47 points at home was very surprising considering their solidity in that department so far this season.
  14. Atlanta Falcons – Just had Buffalo in front of them due to a stronger defense, but after watching their effort against Dallas they show the potential of the team they could be if it all comes together. It’s the first time they’ve conceded under 20 points this season…
  15. Detroit Lions – Yes, they beat the Rodgers-less Packers and the Browns over the past two weeks, but hopefully it gives them the boost to be in contention over the next two weeks against divisional rivals Minnesota and Chicago. Stafford needs to keep rolling.
  16. Washington Redskins – Here we go again with this team. So much hype and hope before week one kickoff and they find a way to disappoint their loyal fans. So inconsistent, and Kirk Cousins is playing like he may want to find a new home.