2017 NFC East Bandwagon Guide

Dallas Cowboys

Head Coach: Jason Garrett

Garrett, in my opinion, needs to start worrying about his job. His tenure as Head Coach for The Cowboys is one of the middle of the road seasons with very minor flashes of promise. After taking over from Wade Phillips at the midpoint of the 2010 season, he has had only two and a half winning seasons, three 8-8s, a 4-12 and has only made the playoffs twice. He is one bad start away from the unemployment line.

2016 Record: 13-3

After J.A’s man crush, Tony Romo, went down with a back injury, rookie Dak Prescott stepped up in a BIG way and Romo couldn’t get the starting gig back when he returned from injury. Other rookie sensation, general off field dirt bag and J.A’s new man crush, Ezekiel Elliott, lit up defences with his running skill out of the backfield. The Cowboys rode the Rookie Express all the way to a home playoff game where they were sunk by The Packers 34-31.

Draft Position: 28th

Player To Watch: Any Running Back Not Named Elliott

With Big Ezek possibly riding the pine for 6 games for maybe… slapping around a former
girlfriend, it’s gonna be on the other backs to carry the load the rookie did last year until his return to the team. Money is on Darren McFadden to be the top of the tree, or at least I hope he is since I took him in my Fantasy League draft for this very reason.

MVP: Dak Prescott

The QB enters season 2 with a massive weight on his shoulders and a big target on his chest. His breakout year now has Cowboy fans dreaming of a trip to the big game again but we still don’t know whether last season was a glitch in the matrix or if Prescott is Neo. Over 3,500 yards 23 TDs with only 4 interceptions also tack on 6 more TDs with his legs and it was a smashing year for Prescott. Can he repeat…

Super Bowl Chances: Computer Says No

Elliott needs to dodge the ban otherwise the running game will suffer and it will be down to Prescott to throw the yards that will be missing. Speaking of Prescott, he needs a repeat or
possibly a better season than his near perfect debut. The defense has lost, albeit aging, talent. I just can’t see them winning another Super Bowl title this year. Sorry J.A.

Philadelphia Eagles

Head Coach: Doug Pederson

Former backup QB to the stars is in his second season as Head Coach

2016 Record: 7-9

After going perfect for the pre season and the first 3 of the regular season, the wheels fell off the Eagles’ train quickly post bye-week. The only highlights to mention would be wins in
meaningless games in the last two weeks of the season against rivals The Giants and The Cowboys.

Draft Position: 12th (traded to The Browns)

Player To Watch: Alshon Jeffery/Torrey Smith

The Eagles are taking a bit of a gamble on this guys. While both aren’t old by any stretch of the imagination, both had their best year in 2013 yardage and receptions wise and both had their best TD numbers in 2014. Putting two vets with as young QB could turn to gold but can also fall apart if they get injured or get frustrated waiting on a QB to sort out his accuracy problems.

MVP: Carson Wentz

The QB enters season 2 with some vets to help out but if he can’t fix his targeting problems, he will struggle again. While he had an almost 4,00 yards in the air, his TD/INT ratio was nearly 1 for 1. Throwing 16 TDs to 14 INTs is not healthy in the long run. I wonder when he’s out hunting, is his aim as bad with a rifle?

Super Bowl Chances: About As Useful As A Cracked Bell

Like a couple of other teams, The Eagles problem is not necessary their team but the division they are in. With a strong Cowboys and a good Giants team, I can’t really see them coming higher than third even in a year I think The Cowboys will struggle. I think only one team from the East will go to the playoffs and it’s not The Eagles.


Washington Redskins

Head Coach: Jay Gruden

Gruden heads into year 4 of his time as Head Coach. A varied background, he has played professionally in 4 different leagues and coached in 3.

2016 Record: 8-7-1

A mixed season which included a tie game in London against The Bengals, The Skins never really got up to much. They were a high scoring team but just didn’t seem to be able to close the deal against bigger teams.

Draft Position: 17th

Player To Watch: Terrelle Pryor

Pryor mystifies me. Drafted as a QB now Wide Receiver and has done a bit of Safety work too, he finally broke out last year as a Receiver but somehow couldn’t work a deal with The Browns. The Skins have given him a “Prove-It” deal for 1 year. Lets see what he can do!

MVP: Kirk Cousins

$44 million. $44 million is what Cousins has cost The Skins in 2 year since they won’t give him a multi-year deal. He literally is the Most Valuable player. HE NEARLY HAD A 5,000 YARDS AND THEY STILL DIDN’T SIGN HIM UP!!! WHAT THE FU€K! What does he have to do?

Super Bowl Chances: No Chance

The Skins just don’t seem to have enough talent across the board to be a contender and they’ll also struggle due to the division that they play in. Possible Wild Card if the Cowboys can’t deal with Elliott’s suspension.

New York Giants

Head Coach: Ben McAdoo

With a new his hair cut, McAdoo enters season 2 after stepping out of Tom Coughlin’s shadow like a friggin’ Russian Military Parade. He’s another man that will need to show his debut was not just a flash in the pan.

2016 Record: 11-5

A slow enough start for The Giants, the stormed through the middle of the season but were narrowly beaten out of top spot by The Cowboys and had to go the Wild Card route where they were beaten out by The Packers.

Draft Position: 23rd

Player To Watch: Eli Manning

The less talented, arguably more successful Manning Brother is on the tail end of his career after being drafted in 2004. Usually in and around 4,000 yards a year and mind 20’s for TDs, it will be interesting to see how the numbers go and how much is left in Eli.

MVP: Odell Beckham Jnr

Ok, laying it out there, I didn’t like the carry on last year. The kicking net stuff just got ridiculous towards the end and as for Boat And Bros down in Miami before the playoffs, you got what you deserve but OBJ is one of the most electric players in the NFL. If he just learned to cop on and keep his ego in check, he might just be likable but there is more chance of The 49ers winning the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Chances: Huge

To me, The Giants are a lock in for the playoffs. If they can just stop their Wide Receiver corp going on a session before the playoff, they should be golden. It all really relies on them just to play to the level they have the talent to be and limit the mistakes and stupid antics that plague them and hold the team back from being amazing.