New England Patriots

Head Coach: Bill Belichick

If the NFL was a film, there is no doubt who would be the Darth Vader/Ernst Blofeld/The Shark From Jaws. Belichick is not just a love him or hate him type of guy, it’s more like “I hate him, he’s a cheating B*****d”/”He finds loopholes in the rules….and he’s a cheating B*****d, Go Pats!” Like it or not, he is the most successful coach of all time. He could probably burn down a children’s hospital with the Kraft family inside, still keep his job and be loved by Patriots’ sheep, I mean fans, as long as they win games.

2016 Record: 14-2

After finally accepting his four-game ban for being a cheating b*****d, Tom Brady, left the keys to the kingdom in Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands who went 3-1 as a starter. When cheating b*****d Brandy came back, they only suffered one additional defeat all year on the way to another Super Bowl title.

Draft Position: 32nd. Traded to The Saints

Player To Watch: Bill Belichick
Always either finding a rule that’s been in the game since 1958 that has never been used and exploiting it or finding a bunch of rejects/flops from other teams and making them look golden or straight out hiring “spies” to record closed door training session on opponents, Belichick will find a way every year to make The Patriots a contender

MVP: Bill Belichick

I will fight anyone who tries to say that I am wrong because, unlike most Patriots fans, I watch football all year and not just the playoffs. The Patriots are a team which is the sum of it’s parts and the biggest part is Belichick. Even Tom Brady’s success is a product of Belichick and his work. The easiest way to look at it is I can think of 5 QBs that Belichick would have succeeded with instead of Brady, but I can’t think of another system that Brady would have won 5 Super Bowls in and that is the same across the board in every position.

Super Bowl Chances: Sadly, Very High
There is few things in the world I hate seeing more than a New England Super Bowl win and  unfortunately, it’s highly likely we will see another. Even without a First Round Pick, Belichick has found a way to add more talent to his team than last year through trade deals which is unusual for him. Cynics like myself think that he has realised either his time or The Patriots time of dominates is starting to wind down and, in order to keep it alive, he’s changing how he does business. Let’s hope this is the case


Buffalo Bills

Head Coach:Sean McDermott

McDermott is in debut season as a Head Coach. A former Defensive Coordinator, he will be looking to raise this franchise off it’s knees and break the longest active streak without Playoff Football.

2016 Record: 7-9

Hoping to drive on from Rex Ryan’s first season with the team, they hired his brother, Rob, to guide the defense.  In week 16, Rex got a lovely christmas present, his freedom, when he was fired, along with his brother, after a disappointing season.

Draft Position:10th. Traded to The Kansas City Chiefs

Player To Watch: Sammy Watkins
A shade over 2,000 yards and 15 TDs with only 1 fumble, Watkins’ first two seasons where electric. Season 3 was mostly spent on IR. The Bills rejected Watkins 5th Year Option on his Rookie deal so Sammy is playing for a pay day next season.

MVP: Tyrod Taylor

A whisper over 3,000 yards in the sky and over 1,000 yards on the ground all wrapped up with 47 TDs, Taylor has had a great 2 seasons in Buffalo. The former Raven got paid last year with a 6-year $92 million contract. Now it’s time for him to show what The Bills paid for.

Super Bowl Chances: Hard To See It
The Bills have a solid team on both sides of the ball and it’s likely we could see the end to the streak but it probably won’t end in a Super Bowl unless they can pull off a better season than The Patriots. Unfortunately if they don’t win the division, they’ll have to go through The Wildcard which can be tough after a bruising 16 game season.


Miami Dolphins

Head Coach: Adam Gase

Gase starts year 2 with a point to prove after a successful first. Having worked for the 49ers, Broncos and Bears, gase got a chance at a Head Coach position with The Dolphins which looks to have worked out for him.

2016 Record: 10-6

Year 1 of the Gase Project went down well especially after a rocky start. Going 1-4, The Fins rolled off 6 wins before losing to The Ravens. 3 more wins before a final day loss to The Patriots brought Miami into The Playoffs before getting knocked out at the first step by The Steelers.

Draft Position: 22nd

Player To Watch: Jay Ajayi
The second year Londoner smashed the doors down and put the NFL on notice last season. Coming from nowhere to have a barnstorming storming season, he finished with just short of 1,300 yards on the floor with 151 yards receiving and 8 TDs. The big issue though was his 4 fumbles. A repeat with less drops could see him command a high price for signing him to a deal next year when he enters the last year of his Rookie deal.

MVP:Ryan Tannehill

On his way to his 5th 3,000 yard season, Tannehill blew out his knee ending the season with 2,995 in week 14. Fun Fact: At 16, Tannehill wanted to be a orthopedic surgeon specialising in knee injuries when he injured his own knee. The Fins will be hoping he can bounce back and pick up another 3,000 plus yards to make up for lost time.

Super Bowl Chances: Possible, Not Likely Though
Just like the Bills, they either need to better The Patriots or work through The Wildcard but with a QB coming back from a big knee injury, it could be hard to find the form they had last season. They have the talent to make it but the old chestnut of overcoming The Patriots could be their downfall.


New York Jets

Head Coach: Todd Bowles

Another Head Coach who got his job after a Rex Ryan sacking, Bowles enters year 3 of his four year contract. A year of promise followed by a year of disaster, this season will probably be the test to see if he gets another contact with the team

2016 Record: 5-11

The highlights of a season to forget was beating The Bills twice, a win over The Ravens and sub par wins over The Browns and 49ers left The Jets looking like they are a team in free fall.

Draft Position: 6th

Player To Watch: The QB Question
Another team with QB issues, The Jets problems at this position are only the beginning. A three way fight between Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg and Josh McCown in the battle of mediocrity, The Jets are screwed.

MVP: Matt Forte

The former Bears great had a rough start to his Jets’ career. A career low rushing yardage but Forte finished with 7 rushing TDs and 1 receiving, he will be looking to break 1,000 yards again and with rubbish options at QB, he might have to do the bulk of the offensive work.

Super Bowl Chances: Zip
This team is going nowhere. Poor QBs and a slate of games that include a trip to Denver followed a flight to New Orleans, 5-11 could be this team’s ceiling.