Here we go for another week!!

Kicking off this week is Skip Bayless the former ESPN personality has a new show on FOX Sports 1 called ‘Undisputed‘ with co-host Shannon Sharpe but we like to call it ‘First-Fake’ as it is a blatant rip off! After forgetting to switch accounts on Facebook, Bayless was caught commenting self-praise on his own post using the same account.

You are “THE” man Skip….

Over to the cowboys, this photo of Zeke Elliot is not photo shopped…. I love it.


This next one is thanks to NFL Memes on Facebook and it is golden!


It just goes from bad to worse for Hue Jackson, who just could not find his challenge flag!

This next one again from NFL Memes on Facebook is simply the winner of the week!


See you all next week!