Offence 11 Personnel


Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Carr has been simply fantastic this season leading his Raiders to a 6-2 record. He has the arm to make all the throws and seems to step it up a notch late in games where he has been above 70% and thrown five touchdowns and zero interceptions. Winning is something the Raiders have been missing for a long time and they have Carr to thank for it. Running back

Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys

What can we say about “Zeke”? He leads the NFL with 891 yards and is Pro Football Focus’ (PFF) number one running back. He’s lived up to high expectations so far and runs with a violent style that makes him very difficult to slow down. Behind a great offensive line and an offence that will feed him the sky is the limit for this young back.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons

Julio has simply been a monster on the number one passing attack in the NFL. Set up by a massive 300 yard game early in the season his stats are again blowing people away. He is the cog that makes the offence tick. He either draws all the coverage or dominates. Either way it makes average players around him a lot better and makes the Falcons a legitimate post season threat.

A.J Green, Cincinnati Bengals

PFF has him ranked only behind Jones this season. His combination of size and speed is a constant problem for NFL defensive backs. He leads the league in receptions and yards per game. On a team with no other real receiving weapon he gets the wheels turning and the points rolling.

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At 6-5 231 this guy has all the tools to dominate a defence. He runs great routes and is a huge redzone target, which has him with a league leading eight touchdowns. This guy is a must have in for any offence and without him the Buccs will would struggle a whole lot more.

Tight End

Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

He has 69 careers touchdowns, “If you know what he means baby”! This guy is a freak. He’s recovered from injuries early in the season and now with his star QB back he is really rolling. Too big for a safety to cover but too fast for any linebacker. When he runs the seam you may as well leave him uncovered and hope Brady doesn’t see him.


Tyron Smith, Dallas Cowboys

Smith is the monster on the best offensive line in football. Even with lingering back injuries he as simply dominated every opponent. Feet like a ballerina and strength like an ox. Watching him trap and reach block is one of the more entertaining things you can watch.

Trent Williams, Washington Redskins

A physical beast at 6-5, 320. When he pass sets he is an immovable force with hands that crush defensive ends chest cavity. In the running game he will set his hands and drive to create massive holes. Not as pretty with his feet as some tackles but makes up for it with sheer power and intelligence. Currently serving a four game suspension, which might hurt his chances of making the end of season team.


Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys

Not you’re traditional “bruising” guard. He gets by with terrific footwork and hand placement. Martin understands that you don’t always need to overpower a defensive lineman to make a hole. His play style and intelligence is a massive reason why the Cowboys are the number one running attack in the NFL.

Kelechi Osemele, Oakland Raiders

A different style to Martin. Osemele is a bruiser who is lighting off the snap and has terrific power when run blocking. Pass protection can let him down at times but he’s been lights out this season allowing Carr time to carve defences up. They have given up the least sacks in the NFL to this point. He’s a huge reason why.


Travis Frederick, Dallas Cowboys

Frederick is the anchor on the best offensive line in football. His intelligence is second to none and he has the ability to handle a massive NT or reach and seal block quicker interior defenders. He diagnoses fronts and sets up protection almost perfectly. The Cowboys were smart to give this guy a contract extension at the start of the season.

Defence 4:3

Defensive Ends

Melvin Ingram, San Diego Chargers

Statistically this guy won’t blow you away with only the five sacks. You need to watch him play to really appreciate him. He’s relentless after the ball carrier or QB. He explodes off the ball and has terrific hands which make him so effective against the run. Ingram is a pleasure to watch and is starting to really live up to his high draft selection.

Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Miller is currently my favourite for defensive player of the year. His hands are the quickest I’ve seen combined with an electric “get off”. When he jumps the snap and dips the edge he is simply unstoppable. Miller has continued on from his terrific playoff run and is establishing himself as the best edge rusher in the league, maybe ever.

Defensive Tackles

Aaron Donald, LA Rams

Not a typical inside player as he is short and stocky. However this allows him to play with terrific leverage and combine that with his speed and power you have an unstoppable interior lineman. Playing the “3” technique is one of the hardest things in the NFL as you need to have the strength to take double teams but the quickness to get up field. Donald has the perfect blend of both!

Linval Joseph, Minnesota Vikings

What Joseph lacks in pass rush he more than makes up for as a run stuffer. Putting him in the “1” technique makes life easy for linebacker’s. His size and power is simply too much for most lineman to handle. Although not the flashiest player his work in the trenches his a huge reason for the Vikings success.


Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys

Lee has been simply the model of consistency for the Cowboys defence. In a league that wants to pass all the time he is outstanding in coverage. He has the second lowest missed tackle count this season at the linebacker position. That’s what I want in my WILL linebacker!


Luke Keuchly, Carolina Panthers

Elite lateral quickness and explosiveness makes Keuchly the best MLB in the league. He reads and reacts to plays so quickly that lineman have such a hard time getting hands on him. His coverage is elite and has a knack of getting a big turnover when his team needs it the most. The Panthers have struggled this season but none of that is due to Keuchly.


Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks

Although he plays in the middle for the Seahawks I just couldn’t leave him out of my line up. He plays sideline to sideline and is so fast he looks like a safety sometimes. He’s got great size at 6-0 and 241 which makes him a great blitzer. All that combined helps the Seahawks be one of the dominant defences in the league.


A.J Bouye, Houston Texans

Bouye has really broken out this season in a contract year. Simply put his coverage has been second to none. PFF has him ranked the number one cornerback in the NFL. A terrific tackler and plays with a tonne of effort. People will probably not agree with this selection but if you sit down and watch him play I think everyone would agree! Marcus Peters, Kansas City Chiefs

I don’t rate interceptions as highly as a lot of other people but when it comes to Peters it is just such a high volume. Peters has five interceptions combined with sixteen passes defenced and throw in two fumble recoveries for good measure. Teams throw at him a lot which means he does give up some catches. Anytime you can produce that many turnovers you’re going to be respected in this league.

Aqib Talib, Denver Broncos

Talib is big and long which makes him very valuable as an outside corner. He is the best press corner in the NFL. He has good speed matched with his range and ball skills. He generates turnovers and will stick his head into make tackles when needed. A solid versatile corner which is a huge reason for Denver’s terrific defence.

Free Safety

Harrison Smith, Minnesota Vikings

Smith is one of the best athletes in the NFL. He closes so quickly on running backs and receivers that they barely have time to react. He has the range to play single high and the intelligence to read receivers and make a plays on the ball. A massive part of the Vikings stout defence.

Strong Safety

Landon Collins, New York Giants

Collins has been simply outstanding this season for the Giants much improved defence. He is so versatile. Outstanding tackler in run support and smart and athletic enough to cover tight ends and running backs. Collins has developed into a great strong safety and if his form continues he’ll be in this team come seasons end.

Special Teams


Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens

When you’re offence struggles a lot of the time it’s important to have a good kicker. He’s 20-20 this season hitting 4-4 from outside 50. With the best power in the league he’s an easy choice for this team. Punter

Johnny Hekker, La Rams

Leads the league in inside 20’s, third in punt average at 43.6 and the least return yards. It’s a no brainer!

Return Specialist

Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson has really come into his own this season on special teams. He is playing gunner on punts and been terrific returning the ball. Although he hasn’t scored any touchdowns yet it’s the consistency that I like.