JA Oldie

James Arthur from SEN America’s SEN NFL Podcast has put together a first round mock draft for 2016. Here are his #1 to #15 selections.

Pick 1 – Tennessee

Laremy Tunsil- OT, Ole Miss

The most highly rated plater in the draft Tunsil has the size, strength and power to be a first day starter at LT. He has a sharp powerful punch and is quick to re-work his hands if he loses inside position. Can struggle getting movement in the running game against bigger defensive lineman but makes up for it with exceptional understanding of the game. He creates lanes by using his hands and feet to overcome a lack of power. Overall a great pick for Tennessee which will allow Taylor Lewan to move to the right side and help build a dominant offensive line for RB DeMarco Murray and Mariota to flourish behind.

Pick 2 – Cleveland

Jalen Ramsay- S, Florida State

“Honey Badger 2.0” is the best way to describe Ramsay. He is long and fast. His short-area speed is second to none in this draft. Playing safety, corner and nickel during his career at the Seminoles he has the versatility to play a lot of roles for the Browns. Ramsay plays with an incredible high motor and is incredibly aggressive in sun support and a sure tackler. After signing RG3 I think the Browns will see how he plays this season and instead take probably the most talented player in the draft. The Browns have so many holes to fill and are in no position to win this year. Taking the best player available is the smart move.

Pick 3 – San Diego

Joey Bosa- DE, Ohio State

After losing Ramsay to the Browns they will go with the best defensive lineman in the draft. The best “run-stuffer” in the draft, Bosa plays with great pad level and has strong and fast hands and an impeccable ability to shed blocks. In pass rushing he lacks the explosiveness off the ball to shock tackles at the NFL level. However, he makes up for that with technique and a massive variety of pass rushing moves. Overall a fantastic college player from a championship team with great leadership and effort. May not be the most “dynamic” player in the draft but could be very productive for the Chargers.

Pick 4 – Dallas

Myles Jack- LB, UCLA

Jack is the most unique player in the draft. He player inside and outside linebacker and also played nickel corner. He has the outstanding speed and quickness. Against the run he closes gaps with his explosiveness but shows the power and punch to fight off blocks at the point of attack. His real strength is in coverage. He can cover anyone on the field including wide receivers. He mirrors players and plays the ball aggressively. Overall matching him with Sean Lee would create a fantastic tandem for the Cowboys. Especially with the trouble they have had with coverage at that position.

Pick 5 – Jacksonville

DeForest Buckner– DT, Oregon

At 6’7” 291 lbs Buckner is an imposing force. He uses his long arms to create separation and shed against the run. He closes quickly and has the best motor in the draft. Pass rushing he uses his power and length to drive lineman into the backfield. He gets caught with a high pad level which means good lineman can get underneath him and stall his momentum. The Jaguars could pair him with Sen’Derrick Marks and last year’s number 3 pick Dante Fowler to create a dominant defensive line.

Pick 6 – Baltimore

Reggie Ragland- LB, Alabama

Ragland has the size and athleticism to be a very effective MLB in the 3-4 scheme. Pairing him with former Crimson Tide LB Mosley will create a terrific tandem. He has the power to shed off blocks and is a solid blitzer. Can get beat with quickness in coverage dew to him having more straight line speed than agility. Overall a day 1 starter that could solidify a strong defense at the Ravens.

Pick 7 – San Francisco

Carson Wentz– QB, North Dakota State

Wentz is an enticing blend size, ability and toughness. He has enough velocity to make all the throws and good short and intermediate accuracy. Can be inconsistent throwing the ball downfield but not due to lack of arm strength. A great throw on the move with the ability to throw from multiple positions. Runs with the ball well and is tough to take down. The best QB in the draft and will be a good fit for Chip Kelly’s spread option system.

Pick 8 – Philadelphia

Ezekiel Elliot- RB, Ohio State

Elliot is a pure “3 down” running back. He is excellent out of the backfield and outstanding in pass protection. Elliot has great balance when running with a terrific side step. He has the speed to go outside but loves to go north and south. He will be a great fit for the zone running style the Eagles are transitioning too and a good upgrade from Ryan Mathews.

Pick 9 – Tampa Bay

Vernon Hargreaves- CB, Florida

One of the fastest players in the draft Hargreaves can go with any player at the NFL level. His size is a concern and he doesn’t close on the ball to create turnovers at an exceptional level. He got beaten on a lot of plays due to not being able to play the ball. On a positive note he is fiery and will compete all day. He has the ability to play slot and outside. If the Buccs and create more pass rush it will be great for Hargreaves who is great at pressing at the line and has exceptional recovery speed.

Pick 10 – New York Giants

Jaylon Smith- LB, Notre Dame

Coming off a serious knee injury in the “Fiesta Bowl” it will be unlikely Smith will play early in the season. If healthy he would potentially be the No1 pick. He is an ultra-twitched up player with amazing explosiveness. He plays the run with power by attacking lineman and meeting them at the point of attack with force. Jaylon has enough speed to get to any area of the field and makes a lot of plays at the sidelines. He is a dynamic blitzer with great timing and burst. A true pleasure to watch and the Giants will be taking a risk. However, the reward could be massive.

Pick 11 – Chicago

Leonard Floyd- OLB, Georgia

Touted as the best pure pass rusher in the draft. He comes off the ball with exceptional pace and makes most of his plays without OT’s even getting a hand on him. Floyd has a great inside move and spin move which helps him counter over stepping tackles. He lacks the size to set the edge consistently as her prefers to use moves to beat tackles all the time. Adding size will help but could be a very productive pass rusher early in his career in the Bears 3-4 scheme.

Pick 12 – New Orleans

Jarran Reed- DT, Alabama

This monster of a man is impossible to move in the run game. He easily keeps lineman at bay with his incredible strength and power. As a pass rusher he pushes the pocket and occasionally catches guards and centres with rips and swims. He is explosive over a short distance and closes on RB’s and QB’s very quickly. Overall it would help re-build a terrible defence from 2015.

Pick 13 – Miami

Ronnie Staley- OT, Notre Dame

Not known for his ability to crush defenders, however Staley is a finesse blocker with long arms and good intelligence. He can be beaten by quick rushers who attack his edges but rarely gets over-powered through his numbers. He will be a great fit for Miami at either right or left tackle allowing them to shuffle Ja’wuan James inside to guard, improving the oline further.

Pick 14 – Oakland

Eli Apple- CB, Ohio State

A rangy, long player, Apple uses his length to press receivers at the line. He is very smooth when he opens up his hips and chases players. Very aggressive when driving on the ball but has trouble playing it in the air downfield. Overall Oakland will get a very good player that could develop into a terrific starting corner

Pick 15 – LA

Jared Goff- QB, Cal

Goff has a lot of the tools a NFL QB needs. He’s tall, lean and intelligent. He doesn’t have the most powerful arm but can get the ball into tight spots with good anticipation and accuracy. Doesn’t run with the ball well and is definitely a “pocket” QB. Overall he has the ability to “manage” an offence until he can develop into a great starting QB. With Todd Gurley and a great defence that may be all the Rams need.